Research and analyses

To build an effective and efficient media strategy that will maximize your business results, it is essential to conduct an exhaustive search for tangible data from many sources. Research is the corner stone of media planning; it ensures consistency between the different elements and the robustness of the strategy.

Corner stone ensuring consistency and robustness

We use recognized analysis tools such as Vivadata, Numéris and Comscore which complement our expertise. These tools make it possible to validate the information collected and the initial hypotheses. We also use your data sources such as Google Analytics, as well as your research results or any other relevant information to have a complete picture of your situation.

Our analysis

We analyze all this information to fully understand the consumer, his profile, his purchasing behavior and his media habits, this is essential to precisely define your target customers.

Sometimes underestimated in marketing thinking, this first step gives you a better understanding of your consumers and ensures optimal performance of your media strategy. This will make all the difference to your campaign results.

Research and analyses tools


Understanding Canadians' media consumption: who, what, where, when and how we watch and listen to television and radio. Numeris provides audience data and key insights into audience behaviors within the multimedia universe. Learn more

Vividata Connaissez votre auditoire

Vividata provides us with in-depth data on media consumption, updated on a continuous basis. This database also allows us to better understand consumer behavior to make informed marketing decisions. Learn more

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is Google's statistical tool, which provides access to a multitude of data on website traffic, to analyze their audience and thus enlighten the team to make better strategic choices. Learn more


Comscore is a partner for media planning, monetization and rating across all platforms. Learn more