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Our approach is simple; we have your success at heart, and we gather around your project all the energy of our human-sized team, made up of specialists with multiple complementary skills. The confrontation of ideas and points of view brings different perspectives and depth to the reflection. We are constantly looking for perfectly adapted, efficient and relevant solutions for you. Our involvement is full and transparent, we are accessible, and we keep our promises!

Montréal Québec


Problem solving focused on the objectives, whatever the budget and context

Experienced strategist with an extraordinary analytical mind.

Generous, teamwork, leadership skills

Marielle Ruelland


Reading, travelling and culture

Sense of entrepreneurship and efficiency of strategies

More than anything, she wants to have a real impact on her client’s business.

Purposeful and self-confident

Esther Jean



Never takes anything for granted and wants to exceed expectations

She is dedicated to providing customers with innovative and effective solutions

Leadership and tenacity

Anne-Christine Jean

360 Media planner

Outdoors and travel

Analytical mind and in solution mode

Listening, understanding the client’s needs and exceeding their expectations are a real motivational factor for her!

Authentic and transparent

Vicky Gagnon

360 Media planner

Family, outdoors

Well organized, proactive, ease of adaptation and problem solving

Rigorous and efficient, she is client servicing oriented

Team spirit, easy to relate to others

Lise Thibodeau

Senior planner, buyer

Soccer, travel and volunteering

Analytical mind and adaptability

She’s in solution mode and results oriented.

Curious and eager for challenges

Soukaina Karmouche

360 Media planner

Classical music and travel

Versatile and empathy

She loves juggling numbers, which makes her a formidable negotiator.

Dynamic and good listener

Sylvie Sauvageau

Planner, senior buyer

Always on 2 continents

Family, travel and gastronomy

Calm, efficiency and performance

A dedicated partner, Guillaume has in-depth expertise in strategies and optimizations

Guillaume Catusse

Dedicated partner, SEM and social media strategist

Family, travel and running

Priority management, rigour and ease of adaptation

She is organized, concerned that the work is well done in every detail.

Organized, smiling, calm and discreet

Vanessa Pelletier


Outing with friends, family reunions and sports

Good work organization

She likes teamwork, she applies herself in everything she does and has an eye for detail.

Curious by nature

Emmanuelle Soucy

Digital campaign manager

Travel and family

Well organized and very good priority management skills

Attention to detail and makes sure everything is in order and well done.

Calm and efficient

Deisy Bohorquez

Administrative assistant – accounting

Sewing and reading

Organized, hard-working and efficient

At work, pleasure above all! She loves being in contact with others.

Rigorous and ready to volunteer

Jocelyne Dandurand

Administrative assistant – accounting

Determined, methodical, creative and organized

Family/Friends, travel and training (spinning, gym, running, etc.)

Sense of organization, commitment, analytical mind

Mathilde is a fantastic team player. She is dynamic, attentive and very proactive.

Mathilde Beaudin

Media planner assistant


Loyal and rigorous

Very generous and dedicated, she ensures that the final result is well done and delivered on time.

Always in a good mood and discrete

Sylvie Lefebvre

Planner, senior buyer

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