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In this increasingly fragmented media universe, you can count on our team to stay focused on what really matters; put your brand and the consumer at the center of the media strategy to ensure an optimal return on your investment. We are your agency specializing in 360 media strategy and the extension of your marketing team. We favor the synergy between the media and the creation and a perfect integration into your marketing mix to maximize the impact with the target. We take the time to listen to you to fully understand your needs and thus develop a tailor-made media strategy that precisely meets your expectations. Our approach is based on the analysis and understanding of consumer behavior, it allows us to make thoughtful media choices. In addition, our follow-up allows you to learn essential lessons for the continuous improvement of your strategy in a constantly changing universe.

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By choosing our agency on a human scale, you get a personalized service that places your positioning and your objectives at the center of its priorities. To ensure you have access to the most successful opportunities and trends, we offer sound advice based on our in-depth knowledge of all media; from the traditional to the most innovative. We always favor quality over quantity and the choice of solutions that are most profitable for you. In addition, You will appreciate the advantage that our wide range of skills and points of view give you, and particularly our great versatility.

We are flexible and we can quickly adjust the different elements of your strategy, if necessary, in order to make it ever more effective. With us you benefit from the support of a whole team and there is always someone aware of the progress of your project. Thanks to our complementary experiences and expertise, this goes far beyond impersonal account management. The members of our team are accountable and demonstrate as much know-how as they do soft skills. This translates to exceptional results for you.

Human dimension

Because we put our heart into it.

Proactivity et Flexibility

Because it makes all the difference.

Professional team

Because accountability is not just a keyword!


It is essential to have access to accurate, objective, and relevant data in order to allow you to make informed and profitable decisions. The tools we use give you access to concrete data, unbiased by perception or personal emotions. By skillfully using these essential tools, we validate together our intuitions and make judicious choices to optimize your results.


Understanding Canadians' media consumption: who, what, where, when and how we watch and listen to television and radio. Numeris provides audience data and key insights into audience behaviors within the multimedia universe. Learn more

COMMB Bureau canadien du marketing et de l'évaluation de l'affichage

The Canadian Out-of-Home Marketing and Measurement Bureau (COMMB) establishes and verifies standards for measuring out-of-home audiences, publishes traffic data that enables informed choices in media planning . Learn more

Vividata Connaissez votre auditoire

Vividata provides us with in-depth data on media consumption, updated on a continuous basis. This database also allows us to better understand consumer behavior to make informed marketing decisions. Learn more

iab Canada

The Interactive Advertising Bureau of Canada (IAB Canada) is the national voice and thought leader for the Canadian interactive advertising and marketing industry. It is the only professional association dedicated exclusively to the development and promotion of the digital advertising and marketing industry in Canada. Learn more

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is Google's statistical tool, which provides access to a multitude of data on website traffic, to analyze their audience and thus enlighten the team to make better strategic choices. Learn more


Comscore is a partner for media planning, monetization and rating across all platforms. Learn more

Google Partner Premier

Google Analytics

Google Ads certification on the search network

Google Ads certification for video advertising

Google Ads certification on shopping ads

Google Ads on Display Certification

Google Ads Apps Certification

Campaign manager 360 Certification


Our certifications are professional accreditations that demonstrate our mastery of skills related to the use of important platforms, which have become essential, in the field of digital marketing. Since the certifications are renewable, this assures you that we are constantly updating our skills and that we are deepening our expertise in order to better advise you.


We put our in-depth knowledge of traditional and digital media at your service to help you achieve and even exceed your goals. We are involved in your project, and we are present at each step to ensure its smooth running and your success.

Our team

Our approach is simple; we have your success at heart and we gather around your project all the energy of our human-sized team, made up of specialists with multiple complementary skills. The confrontation of ideas and points of view brings different perspectives and depth to the reflection. We are constantly looking for perfectly adapted, efficient and relevant solutions for you. Our involvement is full and transparent, we are accessible and we keep our promises!